#6: Unsung Heroes

In this episode, we discuss the unsung heroes of both Harry Potter and Star Wars, we debate whether Neville Longbottom or Cornelius Fudge would most benefit from a protocol droid, and we wonder if the Sorcerer’s Stone works like an ice cube. Plus, we read a fan story by Emilee!

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4 thoughts on “#6: Unsung Heroes

  1. Sorry Valerie, I agree with Casey today. Neville definitely needed his struggle for his character development and a protocol droid would inhibit that. Plus, Fudge probably needs it for his international duties too.


    1. “Yes! I’m the winner!” -Casey


  2. Also, I loved all the unsung Harry Potter heroes, but I just finished rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I think Lupin is an unsung hero. Lupin had to not only deal with James’ death, but also the betrayal (or so he thought) of Sirius and the death (again, so he thought) of Peter. He lost all three of his best friends, the only people who treated him like he was everybody else, in one night. Then he was unemployed and shunned for 12 years until Dumbledore was kind enough to hire him. It probably pained Lupin every time he saw Harry because he knew in another life where James had lived, he would already be like an uncle to Harry. When he finally finds out Sirius is innocent, he only has one of his best friends back for two years until Sirius is killed. Lupin not only had to witness Sirius’ death but hold Harry back from running towards the veil, which is probably exactly what he wanted to do as well. Although he leaves his family for adventure in the seventh, his painful argument with Harry makes him realize his mistakes. In the end, he dies bravely with his wife (whom I also think is an unsung hero).


    1. Great write-up about Lupin! He is definitely a hero, and you summed it up perfectly.


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