#1: Yer a Jedi, Harry

“The first transport is away.” (Yay!) In the introductory episode of Docking Bay 9¾, we debate going to Hogwarts vs. learning the Force, discuss the best character introductions in Star Wars and Harry Potter, and share fan introductions into these fictional worlds.

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Or listen below:

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4 thoughts on “#1: Yer a Jedi, Harry

  1. Can y’all publish to Pocket Casts, too? (I know, there are 400 million podcast platforms)


  2. I agree with Valerie about the being a wizard at 11 thing. And for the reason she said: if you train to be a Jedi you have to commit to one career path. With a wizard you have so many option. You could be an Auror or a teacher or an awesome mom (shout out to Molly Wesley) but in all those cases you are a still a wizard. Which is awesome.

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    1. Good point about the different paths!


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